422 W Adams

This project was a complete exterior renovation, kitchen remodel, and several changes in the floor plan.

It started as a poorly laid out 3 bed/2 bath with no master bathroom and a lot of unused space due to an inefficient layout. Parking in front of the house as well as a side entry porch provided very little curb appeal. A previous remodel of the original garage created an odd level change off the kitchen and resulted in a utility room of little function.

It will now be a 3 bed/2.5 bath with a full master suite and much more open and connected primary spaces. Parking will now be under a carport extended off the existing garage. This helps to balance out the composition of the house as well as get the cars out of the yard. The kitchen remodel will help to visually connect the living and dining spaces.

Please check back later as we add more completed and ongoing projects!