Mark Zweig, Inc., creates unique, large public art projects in the form of residential architecture.  These new and renovated houses are located in the older, close-in, walkable areas of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Talk to anyone who lives in a MZI home and they will tell you that not only is it thoughtfully designed and a great place to live, but we also stand behind our work.



New Construction

We build high-quality projects that are done the right way. We don't cut corners to save a few dollars because of the great pride that we take in our work. 

Some of our recent new construction projects include:

  • Summit Place
  • Twin Arch Apartments
  • Dickson Square Condos
  • Havenwood Lot 122



Since inception, we have made it our goal to rebuild Fayetteville and we would like to do this responsibly. Our vision allows us to renovate homes when other developers would demolish and rebuild. It is important for us to keep the character and integrity of these Fayetteville neighborhoods.


We do roofs! Not only do we do a quality job because our reputation depends on it, we are also the lowest-priced provider because we don't have commissioned salespeople!


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Single family

The heart of Mark Zweig, Inc. since its founding is the single family home. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be proud of the place that they call home.


Whether you are a student or a family, we have a property for you! We build and renovate high-quality multifamily housing to meet the needs of Fayetteville's many incoming residents.


We do commercial build-outs, commercial renovations, and new construction in Fayetteville, AR. Check out our portfolio by clicking on an image above!

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